I've Been Tagged Watch Out Are You Next???11/17/2012


So my friend Darlene Henderson tagged me in a post. I guess we want people to look because that’s the game. You find the word look in your work in progress (WIP) and you post an excerpt around it. So here’s my bit from the story with the working title of The Thousand Mile Journey

Jessica, or Jessie as she preferred to be called, sat in class on that warm April morning watching the hands on the clock slowly tick away the minutes.  She was trying to focus on what the teacher was saying as he went on and on about the book, “Romeo and Juliet,” but flashes of lights had begun to play in her mind.  She placed her head between her two hands and quietly mumbled “Oh no.”  Her best friend Tommy who sat behind her placed his cold but reassuring hand on her shoulder blade.  He could tell by the look on her face and the sweat that she was starting to display that the flashes of light were starting up again.   He knew that at times like these the most that he could do was be there for her. 

Next rule tag five more writers.

So Friends: here we go;

Holly J. Margaret

Rhonda Laurel

Charley Descoteaux

Milly Taiden

Candace Sams

Have fun Y’all

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